KEE Specialist Electrical & Instrumentation
Engineering to the International Oil & Gas Industries


At KEE, our procurement strategy is based on global experience and long-term relationships. Our in-depth understanding of both local & international markets and our relationships with key suppliers allow us to provide the best materials and services on time and within budget.

Our expertise spans the entire supply chain, from sourcing, purchasing and transportation logistics to inventory control, inspection and quality assurance. Every product and service we use must comply with our exacting quality and safety requirements.

Over the years, we've developed strong relationships with key suppliers, manufacturers and service providers in a variety of industries. We utilize competitive bidding and negotiate long-term agreements to obtain competitive prices for materials and services. We also do our homework, extensively researching markets and suppliers to ensure we prepare accurate estimates, select the best products and obtain the best prices.

We believe that every member of the project team shares some responsibility for the supply chain. Our engineers work with customers to select the technologies and equipment that best meet the project and cost requirements. Our project managers and procurement staff synchronize project schedules, materials orders and shipping logistics to minimize work delays. Our logistics and safety experts ensure potentially hazardous materials are transported and handled safely and responsibly. We also design our projects and train our people to ensure construction materials are not wasted.

Long after our projects are complete, we serve as a ready source of spare parts for KEE-supplied systems. We maintain engineering, design, and purchasing records on every piece of equipment that we supply so we can easily research, redesign, procure or locate, and ship parts. 

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